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Mango Seekarane/Mango Dip

Mango Seekarane/Mango Dip

Mango season is here! So, I thought it was time to share a mango dessert in my blog. I think I am long overdue in posting Mango recipes. I have previously shared Eggless Semolina Cake recipe in my blog which can be made with mango puree or pumpkin puree. You can find the recipe here.

Mangoes are hands down my favorite fruits. A ripe, fresh mango, peeled and sliced into cubes/slices is a delicious summertime treat. Mangoes are also delicious in salads and desserts. My most favorite mango dessert is ‘Seekarane’. It is an age old traditional dessert that my loving grandma(Ammamma) and my loving mom used to make for us in the summer vacation/mango season. Mother’s Day in 2017 is on May 14th. I thought, I will post the recipe of this mango dessert which reminds me of my mom and grandma and say a few words about them.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mothers and the maternal bond. Children give flowers, cards and presents to their mothers.  I love my mom,  but I am not comfortable saying “I love you” to my mom.  We both know that we love each other without having to say the words.  I think, none of my friends of my generation(who grew up in India) have ever said “I love you” to their parents. It was not a part of our family culture. Things have changed now. We moved to US many years ago and I noticed that, I feel pretty much comfortable saying “I love you” to my kids. I say it everyday to my kids and it comes naturally to me. Love can be expressed in so many ways. Whatever way we choose to express, the important thing is, words mean nothing if they aren’t backed up with the actions. Actions speak louder than words. I feel that becoming a mom made me love my mother – even more. The older I grow, the more I realize that my mom has been my best critic and my biggest supporter. She has always been there for me when I needed her. I have a great mom and I love her more and more everyday!!!

Seekarane is a very popular dessert in Karnataka(India) and its neighboring states.  It is a simple dessert made with mango pulp, milk, sugar and few flavoring ingredients. It tastes best when served with Holige/Puran Poli.  It also goes well with Bili Holige(Rice Flour stuffed paratha), Rotis and Pooris. This traditional dessert is known with different names Mango Shikaran/Mango Rasayana/Mavina HanninaSeekarane/Mamidi Pandu Seekarana.  I am really enjoying writing this post because it is about my most nostalgic food combo Holige/Puran Poli – Seekarane/Mango Dip and it also reminds me my beloved Ammamma(grand mother).  This dish takes me back to the magical days of my childhood – Summer Vacation/Summer Holidays. We used to spend our summer vacations at  my grand mother’s(Ammamma) place. My mom’s brothers, sisters and their kids used to come and spend time with us. My grandma(Ammamma) used to make at least 100-150 puran polis all by herself. My mom and my aunts used to sit together and prepare seekarane/mango dip, while chatting with each other. My mom was visiting them only once a year and my grandma would leave no opportunity to pamper us.  I very much enjoyed the pampering and used to feel so happy but I never verbally expressed the gratitude and appreciation to her. It  was only expressed with smiles. I didn’t know how to express the feelings in words. Today, I would like to Pranam(salute) and Thank my Ammamma(Grand Mother) from the bottom of my heart for everything she has done for us. Grandma, you may be gone but you will NEVER be forgotten. <3

I often crave for this delicious Holige/Seekarane food combo in the mango season, but preparing puran poli/Holige is a lengthy process. My mom used to prepare them very often. Kudos to her patience.  I prepare puranpoli/Holige only once or twice in an year for Navratri/Dusshera and mangoes are not available during that time. In the mango season, I prepare ‘Seekarane’ and serve it with ‘Pooris’. Last week, I was badly craving for this food combo and I decided to treat myself. This is the first time I made puran poli/Holige in  the mango season. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

Lets begin the process of making this traditional dessert:


Fresh, Ripe Mango – 1

Poppy seeds – 1 Tbsp.

Milk – 2 Tbsp.

Cardamom pods -2

Fine desiccated coconut – 1 Tbsp.

Raw sugar or Granulated white sugar – 1 Tbsp.(You can add more or less as per desired sweetness)

Pistachios/Almonds/Cashews – 4(optional, for garnishing)


Step 1:

Pick a ripe and juicy mango. Rinse it under tap water and wipe it with a kitchen towel. Place the mango on a chopping board. Slice one side of the mango off and then the other side. Then, cut the small remaining portion on either side of the pit.


Step 2:

Pick one slice at a time and hold it in your palm with skin side down. Place a bowl under your palm. Scoop the pulp from the mango with the help of a spoon.

Step 3:

Place a small pan on medium/low heat. When the pan is hot, add poppy seeds and dry roast them stirring continuously until they start to give a nice aroma. Turn off the heat. Transfer them to  bowl and let them cool. Add them to a blender/coffee grinder and powder them.

Step 4:

Crush cardamoms using a mortar and pestle.

Step 5:

Keep all the ingredients ready. Fine desiccated coconut, cardamom powder, 1 Tbsp. dry roasted poppy seeds powder, milk and sugar.


Step 6:

Add all the dry ingredients into the mango pulp. Mix well. Cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Spoon it into dessert bowls before serving. Garnish with blanched and chopped pistachios.

Step 7:

Serve Seekarane with Holige/Puran Poli or Pooris. Enjoy!!!!!

Puran Poli/Holige recipe is shared here.

Dear Readers, I will be taking a break from blogging for a few months. I started this blog to save all my tried and tested recipes and also share them with others. After blogging for 6 months, I realized few things.

The best thing is that, my readers love my recipes. Many of them expressed that they like my way of explaining the recipes and also like to read about my cooking tips and techniques.

Blogging is a lot more work than I thought it would be. I had no idea what I was getting into. Blogging is a full time job.  I am not a great writer and it takes me a very long time to write a single blog post. Writing a blog post is a time sucking task. I have been spending so much time on blogging and I have too many pending tasks on my To-Do list. I feel that I really need to take a break from internet. It’s time for a digital detox.  I want to spend all summer with my kids and also complete the tasks on my To-Do list.

I never measure the ingredients unless I am baking or trying a new recipe. I feel that precise measuring is required for successful baking. I don’t measure for cooking.  I have been cooking for years and learnt to eye ball almost everything. I know the measurements just by looking and tasting. It takes quite a lot of time for me to write a recipe for the blog, with exact measurement of the ingredients. Taking step by step pictures, editing the pictures and watermarking the pictures is another time consuming task.  I need to figure out the best way to post my recipes without spending too much time in front of computer/phone screen and without writing a detailed content.

Thanks to all the visitors, readers and followers of my blog for your encouragement and support. I never expected that my blog would have more than 100,000 views in just 6 months.


The most viewed recipe is my blog is my mom’s ‘Vegetable Pulao’ Recipe. Thank you all for trying my mom’s recipe and sharing your wonderful feedback. I will pass on your feedback and compliments to my mom on ‘Mother’s Day.  You can find ‘Vegetable Pulao’ recipe here.


A big thank you to all the readers of my blog!!!! I will see you all again soon! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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