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How to sprout beans – Instant Pot Method

How to sprout beans – Instant Pot Method

Sprouting is the process of germinating beans, seeds and nuts. Sprouting involves soaking beans for several hours. Soaking softens the skin on the beans, allowing the sprout to grow. The soaked beans are rinsed and placed  in a dark, warm place(away from the sun light) for at least 24 hours. The goal is to create dark, warm and moist environment for the sprouts germination. 24 hours later, you will see that the  beans have sprouted. There are different methods to create a sprouting environment. You can tie the soaked beans in a cheese cloth and place them in a casserole. You can use mason jars and cover them with a cheese cloth or sprouting lid. I usually follow a very basic and simple method. I place the soaked beans in a wide colander. I rinse them with fresh water and when the water is completely drained, I cover the colander with a loose lid and place it in the oven. I check them after 12 hours and if  they look dry,  I place a damp paper towel/cheese cloth on it. After 24 hours, beans are sprouted and ready to use.

There are many other ways to sprout beans. I wanted to explore the ‘Yogurt’ option in Instant Pot to sprout beans. I experimented with mung beans and was very happy with the results. I am sharing the procedure along with some useful tips. If you are looking for the method of sprouting the beans in Instant Pot, then this post is for you. This is another new method of sprouting beans.


Measuring cup used: 1 cup = 250 ml

Whole mung beans – 1 cup

Water – as needed


Step 1:

Rinse and soak mung beans in enough hot water for 12 hours. I usually soak them overnight.

Note: Since past few years, when I soak mung beans in normal water at room temperature, some beans remained hard and didn’t soak up any water. Soaking beans in very hot water, eliminated this problem. I do not know the science behind it but it really works. This is an important tip to sprout mung beans. If you are not facing the problem of hard beans, you can use normal room temperature water to soak beans.

Step 2:

After soaking them overnight, beans will absorb water and  almost double in size. Beans will look swollen and plump. You will see the green skin on the beans split open. Drain the water and place them in a steamer basket that fits in instant pot. Rinse the soaked beans with fresh tap water and let the water drain.

Step 3:

Add 1 cup water in the instant pot insert. Place the steamer basket with mung beans in the instant pot. Remove the sealing ring and close the lid. Turn the steam releasing valve in venting position. Press the ‘Yogurt’ button on instant pot. The default time is 8 hours. Press the ‘+’ button and adjust it to 10 hours.

After 10 hours, Turn off the instant pot and unplug it. I opened the lid and was surprised to see tiny sprouts. Usually it takes 24 hours for the sprouts to appear. Close the lid and leave them in the instant pot for another 12-14 hours, to get longer sprouts.

Sprouted mung beans are ready to use in your favorite recipes.

Note: You can store them in an air tight glass container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Line a glass bowl with paper towels and add the sprouted mung beans. Place another paper towel on top and close the lid. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for later use.

Mung bean sprouts stay fresh when stored properly. You can use them in salads,  curries, sandwiches and many more dishes.

I have shared the recipe to prepare Mung sprouts dosa. Mung sprouts dosa is a protein rich, healthy and nutritious south Indian crepe that can be eaten as breakfast or snack. You can find the recipe here.

It is super easy to sprout beans at home and I noticed that Instant Pot(Yogurt Mode) speeds up the sprouting process.

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